The Definition of Marriage

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “marriage” can mean different things depending upon the time, culture, etc. There are two different opinions or definitions that stand out in my mind. They are:
1. “An intimate or close union”. AND 2. “The state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractural relationship recognized by law”.
If you go with number 1 as your definition of marriage, you will be there with your first family and for all of your children. Love, repentance, forgiveness, and faith will be the foundation of this home. But if you trust in laws to define your family (Definition 2), you will be living with a woman that is not your first wife and you will be raising her children. In scenario 2, many men will toy with the idea of family and marriage until they finally “tie the knot” with a law. For this reason, many women and children will be abandoned by these irresponsible and ignorant husbands and fathers. Many of these men will also divorce their wife and family using laws. This definition is against God’s family plan. Save your first family!

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