About the Author


It all started with a job in Iraq. I was in Houston and had a wheels up date scheduled for 21 January 2005. While sitting at a round table with other soon to be expats, I pledged that the one thing that I would never do is write a book. Surprisingly, those first eight months without R & R and working eighty four hours each week started changing my life.  The pay was great; I didn’t mind the long hours. I loved my job and the people that I worked with. I completed my year long contract and stayed a few months longer.

For fun during my adventure, I tested a few of my hypotheses. This is where my passion started that drove me into research and led to the creation of a book called “The Step-Father’s Step-Son: A Story for Women”.  It took ten years to finish the book, create a publishing company, and publish the book. Even today, my passion for the love of family and Jesus have not waned. I post daily desperately trying to educate and inform others about the importance of family values based upon Jesus’ own words as written in the King James Version of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Jesus said that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are in Heaven. None of these men abandoned their first family. Would you like to know more about how the lost children of Jacob’s Family created laws that bless a man’s last family while permitting the abandonment, abortion, and imprisonment of the children and grandchildren of the first family?  Jesus tried to stop this system of adultery. This system is so popular that it still exists today. A last wife must never be permitted to separate a family. Furthermore, if she tries, she can be sent away. Hagar tried, but was sent away. Leah tried, but Jacob never moved in with her. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!

If you would like to contact the author, please send an email to familymatterspublishing@gmail.com. The “Buy the Book” section also lists the business mailing address.