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The Step-Father’s Step-Son by Barbara M. Cox

This book is about family, adultery, and divorce from Jesus’ perspective. The author has done an in depth examination of family structure from the current laws to the laws that existed during the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We know that God chose these three men for a very important reason. These men were to be the leaders of “family” according to God’s rules. Unfortunately, Jacob’s children from his second family did not keep those commandments and now we have family law around the world that is set up for the break up and dissolution of the first family. So now the legal family supersedes the natural family. And with each subsequent generation, the tear that Jesus spoke of gets bigger and bigger. Our children no longer have family to cling to because parents are bringing in unrelated adults into the family. Because of existing laws, these unrelated adults have a higher social standing than the children of the first family. We have wild children as a result of this system of breaking up the natural family and creating a legal family in its place. Chaos is the result of this system and we are experiencing it more and more every day around the world.