Book Reviews

NOTE: All of these reviews were written before the book was completed. For those of you that have read the final version of the book and would like to submit a book review, please send your summary to:

10/20/09.  Pat wrote:  “The Step-Father’s Step-Son A Story for Women” is a must read for women and men of all ages.  This book is especially relevant to those who have been or is currently in a troubling relationship or raised in a broken home or single parent situation.

Barbara Cox has extensively studied families in this position and offers her take on why humans, primarily male, behave in the manner they do.  Scripture is most influential in her findings and supported by data gathered throughout her years working abroad and experienced through her own upbringing.

Mrs. Cox’s study of eye/brain dominance was most intriguing.  She firmly believes that the side of the brain that dominates affects strongly the way we think and reason.

By reading this book, I have a better understanding of human development.  I have taught in urban public schools for thirty-one years and the majority of my students came from broken homes, abuse, and neglect.  I now further understand their behavior and lack of care for life.

As a left eyed dominant wife, I feel extremely fortunate to be married thirty plus years to a right-eyed dominant husband who is spiritually strong, and together we share a strong relationship.  “The Step-Father’s Step-Son A Story for Women”  has brought to view a better understanding of our marriage.

10/13/09.  Waldene said that women are thinking the things that I have written about, but have been afraid to talk about it.  She said women will want to read more about me in the book.  She suggested that I write another book or incorporate more of my life experiences in the current book.

9/2/09.   Marilyn said, “You’re either gonna love it or you are gonna hate it.”  She suggested that I change the name in order to make it more attractive to 15 to 17 year old women because of the importance of what is said in the book.  She believes that this book will enable young women to start with a better perspective of their role in the family.  She also suggested that I eliminate some of the scripture and include more personal experiences which I will try to do.