Who Abuses Their Own Children?

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, “About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse…In at least one study, about 80% of 21 year olds that were abused as children met the criteria for at least one psychological disorder.”

Most adults today will hold these abused children solely responsible for the injuries and killings that they do to adults and children. Some will bully other children too because step-parents bullied them. We read about them everyday in our newspapers. But how many stop to think about the unrelated step-parents and partners that lay in their parents’ bed that abused them? It is time that we take a stand for our children. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, we had a generation that started this cycle and its popularity has grown to the point where everybody thinks that it is okay to bring unrelated people into the family home to sleep in our parents’ beds. It is time that we stop this horrible and cruel practice! Our children come first before any step-parent or lover! Kick them out of the bed – they do not belong there!


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I am the author of The Step-Father’s Step-Son. The book is available through Family Matters Publishing at www.stepfathersstepson.com and Amazon.com. The book covers subjects such as: adultery, family, relationships, and parenting. The book is written primarily for the first family and the children of the parents of the first family.