Fifty-Four Percent of our Parents Are Blessing Their Second Family at the Expense of their First Family!

According to the PEW Research Center, in 2013, only 46 percent of our children age 17 and younger were living with both of their parents. The other 54 percent of our children had parents that had moved out and were most likely living with someone else or were living alone so that their partner could play house with someone else. Some parents had totally abandoned their children. When parents move out and move in with someone else, they are devoting their time and energy to the second family at the expense of the first family.

*15% of our children had parents where one or both had remarried someone else.

*34% of our children were living with a single parent.

*5% of our children had no parent living with them.

For comparison, in 1960, 73% of our children were living with both their mother and their father. Could it be that back in 1960, that people started following the examples of the parents of the 27% of children that had left their children in order to live with someone else? Today, broken homes out number first family homes.


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