The Four Types of Husbands: Part 4

The fourth type of husband is a very special one. Given the right circumstances, he could have been an absolutely wonderful husband, but because of situations beyond his control he will never be able to rise to his potential. This is why I have said that adultery is very damaging to our sons. When you have adulterers living in the home, many things are taken from the children of the first family and given to the children and adults of the second family. These sons in many cases are stripped of their social position within the family and replaced by the children of the second family. As Jesus said, they will have to bear a burden grievous to be borne. As a result, they will do things that the step parents and adulterous parents did to them when they were too young to understand. They will imitate the adulterers’ behavior and in many cases treat their children the way that they were treated because it is all that they know.

Jesus said, “But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes.”(Luke 12:48)

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