Jesus spoke about two different types of leadership.The scripture below describes top down leadership and bottom up leadership. What type of leader are you and which type of leaders do you follow?

“Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them. But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you shall be your minister. And whosoever of you will be chiefest, shall be servant of all. For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:42-45)

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I am the author of The Step-Father’s Step-Son. The book is available through Family Matters Publishing at www.stepfathersstepson.com and Amazon.com. The book covers subjects such as: adultery, family, relationships, and parenting. The book is written primarily for the first family and the children of the parents of the first family.