The significance of the cornerstone

Isaac, Joseph, Jesus, and my husband are all cornerstones in their families.

*Abraham never abandoned the cornerstone of his family, Isaac. Ishmael, Isaac’s older half brother wanted to replace Isaac. Abraham and Sarah sent Ishmael and his mother away.

*Jacob never abandoned the cornerstone of his family, Joseph. Jacob loved Joseph, his firstborn son with his first wife Rachel, very much; but his half brothers did not love him.

*Jesus did not have an earthly father and after Joseph, Jesus’ step-father died, his half brothers most likely took advantage of him and forced him to leave. Jesus said that he had no place to lay his head.

*My husband’s father abandoned my husband, the cornerstone of his family, when my husband was a very small child. My husband has three half brothers and three half sisters. The half brothers and sisters think that their families are more important than my husband’s Family. My husband is the cornerstone of their two families.

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