Which children are our heirs?

Are the children of a man’s second and last wife his only heirs?

No! The children of the first family are also heirs. As the matter of fact, the firstborn child of a man’s first wife should receive twice as much as all of his other children. Joseph, Jacob’s firstborn son with his first wife, grew up away from his father because his half brothers threw him into a pit and left him there. Not only did Jacob accept Joseph as his son after all of those years, but he also accepted Joseph’s children as a part of his family. Before Jacob died, he gave Joseph twice as much as he gave to all of his other children. (Genesis 48:22).

If a child’s parents die before the child’s step-parents, in many cases the step-parents will give everything to their own children while disregarding the parent’s children from their first marriage. A man is never supposed to marry a divorced woman or marry for a second time, and a second wife should never be an heir. Parents and second wives work for the good of the whole family and not just their children. But the first family must always be first!

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