The Whole or the part?

Jesus said some amazing things while he walked this Earth. He said in Matthew 10:8, “Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.” In the beginning people actually stayed with their families. Somehow they must have realized that the family was bigger than just themselves. Today, most of our men believe that their family is where they are and believe that a piece of paper has the power to erase family members.

If you go to Genesis, the first book in the Bible, wholes were recognized separately from parts. Capital letters are used to define the whole of something like Earth and Seas. When parts were mentioned in Genesis, words without capital letters were used such as seas and earth. In the same way, there are parts of a family which make up the whole. Every child that a man or woman has given life to belong to the Family. But when a man moves in with another woman while abandoning his first family, this fragment of the family should never be referred to as the whole Family. A man and his second wife do not make up a Family – there is more to it that just one man and one woman! The same method could be used with a man’s last name to define which family he currently resides – the whole or the part. Are you a man with a whole Family or part of a family?

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