Protect the first family!

Jacob kept his generations perfect by keeping his second wife Leah in second position within his family. Rachel lived with Jacob, while Leah did not. Leah’s sons with Jacob wanted to kill Joseph, Rachel’s son.The children of the first family must be protected because quite often the children of the second family desire to kill and replace the children of the first family. This is the reason why a simple family is much easier to manage than a complex family unit. If you look closer at Jacob’s family, you will also notice that Leah’s sons had little respect for Jacob, their own father. Jacob did the right thing, though. He kept his first family FIRST!

In our country, everything goes to the second wife and her children. They become the heirs to everything or almost everything. My husband got a pair of house shoes from his natural father – they got everything else! But for some reason, I still don’t think that the children of the second family really love their father even in this scenario.

Hagar’s son Ishmael, Abraham’s son, wanted to take Isaac’s place within the family also. Abraham and Sarah ended up sending Hagar and Ishmael away in order to protect Isaac.

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