What is the first family?

Question: Do all of you know who I am referring to when I say, “Save the first family?”
Answer: I am referring to a virgin man and a virgin woman that lay together and the children that are produced from that union – this is the first family. It is about the commitment of two virgin people to become a union of one – husband, wife, and family. Following a divorce, neither spouse can officially remarry or move in with another person. If they do, this is when the family is separated and the children of the first family fall through the cracks. Marriage is a one time thing or at least Jesus thought so.

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I am the author of The Step-Father’s Step-Son. The book is available through Family Matters Publishing at www.stepfathersstepson.com and Amazon.com. The book covers subjects such as: adultery, family, relationships, and parenting. The book is written primarily for the first family and the children of the parents of the first family.